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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

Asus S550CM Review! The heavy ultrabook!

Asus S550CM Review! The heavy ultrabook! Arnold Chua
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Model: Asus S550CM

Specifications: Windows 8, 15.6″ HD, Intel i5-3317U.

4GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB + 24GB ROM,

NVIDIA GeForce 635M Graphics, 38.0 x 26.6 x 2.2 cm (WxDxH),



It has been an extraordinary journey for Ultrabooks. It started with super slim and super light weight, then super expensive and then a touch screen function is also added. And now, Asus latest model, goes back to the basic, by coming out with the heavy version on an ultrabook. Original laptops are already heavy, now they make the ultrabook to be heavy.

It has a screen of 15.6-inch and weights 2.6KG.  The screen size and the weight, kind of disqualify it from being label as an Ultrabook. But it is still called an Ultrabook. It has a DVD drive which most ultrabook aren’t suppose to have.

As it comes with a Windows 8, it does come with a touchscreen on the HD 1366x768p LED panel. As expected the touchscreen respond is extremely quick and fluid.

The sound quality is one of the outstanding features, it is very suitable for household use and comfortable on the ears, but don’t expect to blast the music and be able to irritate your neighbors. If it was a little louder it would be much better.

As all the Ultrabook user know, the normal ultrabook does not lag or delay in opening a high-resolution picture or playing a HD video from a USB drive. However this heavy ultrabook, does lag and has some delays in completing such tasks.

This review is for i5 processor which is highly recommended for household user as for higher end users, do buy the intel core i7 version.

With such heavy weight it is expected to be back up by excellent performance, but it does not do that, It is somewhat just above average in performance.

It is really heavy for an Ultrabook category with decent performance.

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