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Published on August 18th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

6 Questions you need to ask yourself before buying a car

Buying a car can be very confusing for most of you. Either you have the money or you don’t, a smart spender will always have many thoughts in mind to make sure the car bought is “the one”.

Here are six questions that might help you get through this.

1. Do you want a Manual or an Automatic transmission?

This is pretty obvious but certain of you do regret later on. For example, if you bought an automatic, after six months and so on, you want a manual instead. 

2. Do you really need all-wheel drive system?

Usually all wheel drive cost more compared to a four wheel drive but both actually performs similarly. AWD and 4WD helps a vehicle accelerates in slippery condition and both doesn’t really help to improve the handling. It’s your choice to to pay the extra RM10,000++.

3. What safety features do you think would help?

If you usually travel long distance and mostly on highways, you definitely need all this safety system equipped in your vehicle. However, if you are just a city driver, then the standard ones like airbags are enough.

4. What about storing compartment?

What do you transport and how often do you need huge compartments/boot in your car? Is it really necessary? 

5. Adjustable seating positions?

If you spend more time in the car, then you really do need a comfortable machine to “accompany you”. 

6. The car and your home. Does it fit?

Nowadays, we can see many cars parked outside the house instead of the car porch or the garage. According to researches, most people tend to buy a car without looking at the space to occupy the car back at their own home. This is one of the most important question you need to ask yourself because you definitely don’t want to see your brand new car “abandoned” outside your gate.

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