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Published on September 22nd, 2013 | by FM

11 Things Malaysian College Girls are Obsessed With

Once again, this is one of the list that makes a certain of you get all angry and mad about us but just take it easy and enjoy “the show”. 

1. Who is Dating Who?

latest gossips


Yes! It’s ain’t about any celebrity gossips. It’s about the guys and the girls in their class or probably the next class as well. Celebrity gossips are getting too mainstream for them.

2. Accessories

women accessories


It’s cheap and it gets broken fast. They still buy it.

3. Nails are like PETS

nails are like pets


No comments on this.

4. One of the reasons you girls take forever to get ready – MAKE UP


When it comes to getting ready, you girls are the first to do so and the last to reach the “finish line”.

5. Overpriced Designer Handbags

louis vuitton hand bag

Just WHY? It’s too expensive yet you girls till buy them with your savings. It’s like these bags are becoming more important than feeding yourself. *Just Joking*.

6. You have 100 Feets

shoe shopping girls


No comments as well.

7. So many clothes and you still can say “I don’t have clothes”

girls closet


Gentlemen, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

8. If it ain’t fancy, you ain’t got a date

fancy restaurants


Isn’t college suppose to be all fun and nothing about the “class” at all? 

9. Koreans!

korean and malaysian


What’s so special about them?

10. Your smartphone is better than your friends

phones better than friends


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You girls just don’t get enough of it. True?

11. Promotions & Discounts

promotion and discount malaysia


You girls go HELL YEA!

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