Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

Sony SmartWatch 2 Can Be Purchased in Malaysia End of This September

That’s right! The all new 3rd Generation SmartWatch is coming to town like what we predicted before. This time it has much more functions and also water resistant!

This brand new model is powered by the Android and users are also able to download applications by just using your fingers like all the smartphones nowadays. According to Sony Malaysia, a few teams were set previously to simply develop over 200 interesting apps specially for this model. Seems like it’s going to be one joyful watch to have in the collection.

We tried on digging the price tag of this gadget, however, Sony’s Head of Market Malaysia, Cheong Wah Tong, says that the price will still be remained confidentially until when it’s about time to released into the market.

Let’s just hope the price will be released soon as we can save up some of the “Duit Raya” to get our hands on this SmartWatch.

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