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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by FM

Smoking Shisha Causes Oral Herpes

Shisha is bad. Well, any smoke that you inhale and blow out of your body is considered harmful for the body. New discovery, shisha causes oral herpes. 

Based on certain researches done by Professor Dr Rahman Abdul Kadir, Dean of Dentistry, Lincoln University, herpes simplex is something easy to be transmitted by direct contact with saliva of an infected person. This is related to the sharing of mouthpiece when a group of friends gathered around for smoking Shisha.

He also added that herpes could not be cured for now as there isn’t any cure developed yet. This mean that once you are affected, the “disease” will remain in your body/mouth for the rest of your life.

FM’s Advice: Some of you might be really addicted to shisha and we know we can’t do anything to stop you guys. Maybe carry your own mouthpiece in the future will definitely help you stay healthy in someway. 

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