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Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

Most Watched YouTube Advertisement of All Time

Promoting your videos on YouTube nowadays is much more cheaper compared to Television ads. If paying for YouTube sounds to hefty to you, the only way is making it viral. 

It’s not like Dove don’t have the “cash” to promote their online video ad, it’s just that they are brilliant for creating such thing. They made it seem like a planned viral project. Just for your information, their ad was watched more than 114 Million times and it was uploaded in 25 different languages in 33 Youtube Channels of theirs.

We are sure that the ad made a great impact on their products as the video really did change the way you see yourself. And all thanks to Dove.

If you have no idea what is this short article all about, watch the advertisement we are talking about below:

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