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Get your Linkin Park tickets soon. Tickets are selling fast.

Linking Park ”Living Things” World Tour Live Malaysia 2013 tickets are selling fast.

The cheapest and the second most expensive tickets are sold out. 

The cheapest tickets are the M3 zone (RM95) and the second most expensive tickets is The Pit (RM550) which is a free seating and free standing area are completely sold out.

Linkin Park will perform at the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil on Monday and is expected to attract 5000 fans all over the world. 

The band will make their stop at Malaysia and then to the Philippines for their South-East Asian tour.

The estimated sales for this event that would bring to our economy for this event would be RM23 million. 

Tickets left in the free-seating zones are M2 (RM195) and M1 (RM295) while the free-standing zones available are Playground Zone (RM350), Rock Zone (RM450) and VIP (RM680). To purchase tickets or for more information, visit,www.ticketcharge.com.mywww.linkinparkmalaysia.com.myor call .

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