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Published on April 7th, 2013 | by FM


Does Kim Jong-Un Really Have The Balls To Drop A Nuke?

Kim Jong-Un is paranoid. He believes that the U.S is conspiring with South Korea to attack North Korea, and this has caused him to position missiles that could possibly hit as far as Hawaii if fired. North Korean missiles couldn’t reach continental North America, but if Kim Jong-Un was feeling especially dangerous one day, he could do some serious damage to neighboring South Korea, which would ultimately result in the U.S completely obliterating North Korea in response.


The U.S’s ties with South Korea date back to 1950 when we helped them defend themselves from North Korea. Since then, we have given them military and economic aid because they were willing to cooperate with us and do not enjoy condemning or threatening other countries with opposing views. This of course does not sit well with North Korea, whose leader wants to wipe America off the map.


Though KJU hasn’t attacked anybody just yet, his decision to put missiles on standby and declare a “state of war” with South Korea make him the most likely candidate to take action just to prove a point. He’s also been conducting a series of nuclear tests just so the world knows what he’s capable of.



The United States and North Korea are currently in a war of words, throwing threats at each other in an attempt to ascertain if its respective opponent is just messing around. Kim Jong-Un seems very adamant about putting a hit on South Korea, and we have assured him that if he does, he can kiss his precious country goodbye with the click of a button.


The historic tensions between North and South Korea forbid us from dismissing the idea of North Korea attacking South Korea. Just three years ago, North Korea launched a naval strike at South Korea because South Korea engaged in an underwater training exercise in what North Korea claimed to be their property.


Every major country turned against North Korea after this attack, and Kim Jong-Un hasn’t done anything to distance himself from it or disassociate his country from this hostility. His constant threats towards the U.S and South Korea have only worsened his reputation in addition to losing any potential allies who could have seen him as some sort of a victim under the U.S’s power.



Kim Jong-Un is afraid of the U.S and South Korea attacking North Korea because we trade with South Korea and engage in military exercises with its air force. South Korea and the U.S are afraid of North Korea attacking because of verbal threats and North Korea’s history of attacking South Korea.


Both sides are flexing their muscles and saying they are ready for war, but no one has made any moves just yet. We honestly don’t think Kim Jong-Un is going to do anything to South Korea or the U.S anytime soon, but hypothetically….


Let’s say one day Kim Jong-Un discovers he has terminal cancer and since he has nothing to lose, he decides to make his father’s dream come true by waging war with the U.S. North Korea just goes nuts, firing missiles at South Korea and the U.S. Thousands of Koreans die and though South Korea takes some serious damage, North Korea is simply no more.


North Korea is apparently allies with both China and Russia, both of whom object to North Korea obtaining nuclear weapons or firing missiles at anyone. This makes sense, since there’s no sense in supporting a country that would no longer exist if the U.S were to live up to its obligations. And we always do, unless it comes to paying bills.


The next thing to take into consideration is North Korea’s relationship with Iran and other Middle Eastern countries that we’re worried about. North Korea and Iran are both against the U.S policing the globe and support each other developing nuclear weapons.



Though many Americans believe that North Korea and Iran are working together, Iran’s president (who looks like an angel compared to Kim Jong-Un) has denied any sort of involvement or partnership with North Korea’s military.


This of course could all be BS, meaning our worst nightmares could come true and North Korea along with every Middle Eastern country that hates us could stage a large-scale, simultaneous attack on the United States. World War III would be upon us and we can only fear for what would happen to the innocent Middle Eastern people who will fall victim to our allies’ weapons of mass destruction.


But with all seriousness, nobody has North Korea’s back the way we have South Korea’s back. The country would be destroyed if they fired their missiles and nobody would help them accomplish their goal.


So, the only reason North Korea would ever nuke the United States or South Korea would be if KJU suddenly realized he had nothing to lose. The guy seems rather unstable and could very well decide that his life would only be complete if he did all he could to realize his father’s dream of erasing America.


It’s not like there’s anything he could do to persuade Russia or China to align with him, since nobody else is crazy enough to entertain the idea of waging war on the United States. Besides, it’s not like he could get the rest of the world on his side by making other countries sympathize with North Korea’s destruction. The rest of the world will concede that whatever Kim Jong-Un gets, he’s had coming to him for a long time.



South Korea, on the other hand, has everyone on its side. Most countries know who the bad guy is in this situation and totally understand South Korea’s desire to have all the security they need to defend themselves. This is probably the greatest error Kim Jong-Un doesn’t know he’s made. KJU cannot see how the actions he has taken (verbal threats, nuclear tests) seem so much more imposing and villainous than any South Korean military exercise.


Kim Jong-Un is doing his best to show the world how cool it is to be bad, and he’s not doing that great of a job. He’s trying to bully South Korea, who would honestly welcome the launch of a missile because it would give America an excuse to take Kim Jong-Un out of the picture. North Korea has more enemies than friends and nobody cares about Kim Jong-Un’s desire to take us or South Korea down.


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