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Buckets of KFC smuggled into Gaza strip cold, but still ‘finger licking good’

KFC is so finger-licking good that fans are smuggling the company’s fried goodness from Egypt to the Gaza Strip through underground tunnels.

The chicken smuggling has come about as Israel has eased restrictions on trade for the Hamas-run territory of Gaza.

The company that provides this invaluable service, al-Yamama, charges $30 per order, which is about three times what the chicken costs at the KFC in Egyptian town of Al-Arish. The chicken costs so much because the company has to pay for transportation and smuggling fees, according to the Christian Science Monitor.


“It has been a dream, and this company has made my dream come true,” Rafat Shororo, an account who lives in Gaza, said of the chicken delivery service.

“All you need to have any KFC product is a short phone call and a few hours, then you can enjoy the great taste of fried chickens,” says Shororo.

The chicken on demand service is surprisingly simple: customers call in an order to al-Yamama who then collect the KFC at a store in Egypt – 35miles from Gaza, at which point it is delivered to the border, smuggled through tunnels and finally ends up on the dining room table.

In all, the customer gets their chicken in about 3 hours.

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