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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by FM

“Mugen-ize” Your Honda Civic in Malaysia

If you own a Honda Civic and it look a little boring, well now you have the option to spice up your ride with Mugen parts which is now on sale in Malaysia.

There are two package available for sale and they are the Mugen Aerokit Package and the other one is called the Mugen Full Package. In terms of price, both of them differs about RM900 only. Below we have included the specific features you get with each package.

Package Market Price Features
Mugen Aerokit RM7,600 Front Sports Grille,Front Under Spoler,Side Under Spoiler, Rear Under Spoiler

and Tailgate Spoiler


Package Market Price Features
Mugen Full RM8,500 You get most of what’s in the AerokitPackage plus a Door Visor.

However, if your budget doesn’t meet, you still able to purchase the parts individually.

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