Published on May 29th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

Looking good for Samsung with their new video ad for the S4

A little of the latest James Bond (Skyfall) video ad concept contains in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 advertisement. I think it’s brilliant. 

It’s very interesting on how they experiment the people with just one shot for them to pull it off. Lucky for them, it went very well. The campaign is called “All Eyes on The S4″ and all eyes was actually on it indeed.

With brilliant moves like this, no wonder they manage to pull of 10 million sales of the S4 in just a month! However, the only thing that is lacking from the ad is the exposure of the functions instead of the phone itself. If they did thought of it earlier, it will definitely attract more sales and a better understanding by the customers on the new features and technology on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Overall, it’s still a well done job.

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